Monday, May 4, 2009

Is it possible to cash a personal check anywhere besides the bank?

I got a check for my birthday, but the bank for the person that sent it is no where near me. Then I don't have enough cash in my account to cash the check through my bank. I don't want to wait for it to clear, where else can I go?

Is it possible to cash a personal check anywhere besides the bank?
Any check cashing service should do it, where they have the big checks cashed here signs. I know walmart cashes payroll checks but I am unsure if they cash personal ones.

I think you need to switch your money to a different bank, because the amount of money in your account should have no bearing on cashing a check imo.
Reply:If you went somewhere that is not a bank they would charge you fees. Why don't you endorse it on the back (sign it) and ask your parents or relatives who has enough money in their bank accounts to cash it for you. Basically they will deposit it in their account and before it clears, they give you cash.
Reply:Well I onced cashed a check near the corner store of my house. Try that! Look for small stores near your neighborhood. Or call 411.
Reply:Some liquor stores cash personal checks....but they charge a percentage of your check.
Reply:Ask a buddy to cash it for you. you will probably get charged even at a liquor store.

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