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Looking for credit cards with low interest on cash advance and purchase and given to people with bad credit?

Hello i would like to know if someone could let me know of any credit cards with a low interest rate on cash advance (withdrawing and such) and purchases for people with or without bad credit?

Thank you very much, any information will help my sister out.


Looking for credit cards with low interest on cash advance and purchase and given to people with bad credit?
most of the credit cards for people with bad credit will carry some fees. If you have good credit you will probabaly not have to pay any fees at all. Because of the fees attached to bad credit cards the interest rate is usually pretty low, around 10% for some. Of course with good credit the interest is also pretty low with out the fees. You can view cards and compare them for both good or bad credit at It will show interest rates and year fees if applicable.
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Reply:Credit cards are very difficult to get if you have bad credit. Some banks will give you a credit card without doing a credit check if you have been a current customer for at least 6 - 12 months and have a good history with them.

Wizard's credit card is excellent for cash advances because it has no cash advance fee. I use a Virgin Card for my cash advances (max $50 fee even for $20k+) then do a balance transfer to AMEX for a 6 month intro rate of 6.99%. Switch it back and forth every 6 months and pay below home loan rates for credit card debt!
Reply:Go to Barkcley Bank.It has attractive features.

Pay in cash for a plane ticket at the airport?

I was just wondering if I can go to the airport and buy a round-trip ticket and pay in cash?

Or do I have to go to a travel agency?

Thank you!

Pay in cash for a plane ticket at the airport?
You can definitely pay by cash at the airport. Be prepared for extra screening of your bags and your person though. The last flight I was on someone had paid cash for a ticket. A little before boarding time TSA Offcials and local law enforcement came down and did a search of him. They made him show ID, his ticket, they emptied out his carry-on and went through it (at one of those little grey tables they have near the departures gates), and they did another pat down and wand search of his person.

If you have other means to pay, it is probably better (will save embarrassment), or see if you can get someone to put it on their credit card and you will pay them back.
Reply:of course! get there early! or call airline and reserve or check to make sure you will get a seat!

where are you taking me ....ahhhh, the Bahamas. .Spain. ..Russia. ...Netherlands....?
Reply:yup u high roller
Reply:You will be paying at the air fares cost without any discounts. Have you tried to find a plane ticket online. There are many sites you can find air fares such as:

If all you have is cash I guess those two will be your only options. Or maybe you can book it and then pay in cash.
Reply:yo can pay in cash, no biggy
Reply:Why not?

Airports do have ticketing office... Just two days ago, i went to the airport %26amp; bought a ticket, same day flight too. No questions asked for as long as you pay and you have the ID... after all thats business as usual.

Travel agencies are made for convenience of booking a flight or a vacation ahead but it doesn't mean you cannot buy your ticket at the airport ticketing office.

Have a nice trip!
Reply:hey! thanks for replying to my question.

i don't think i have to guts to do that though..

if i did end up texting that, what should i say?

Reply:You defiantly can but they find that suspicious so you may have to go thru extra screening at the gates and security.

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Where I can find the models for the cash flow?

I want to do some cash-flow for products and for entire bussines and I seek some models to inspire with.

Where I can find the models for the cash flow?
Go to a company's website and look for their financial statement. All companies have a link to their financials for their investors.

How much cash can I withdrawl from my checking account at one time ?

Is there a limit so how much money I can take out in cash without having them ask me what I need it for or anything like that ???

How much cash can I withdrawl from my checking account at one time ?
It depends on the bank. Sometimes they have a limit according to the type of account but usually is around 300-500 (from an ATM). You can also call your bank and ask to set an amount of how much you can withdraw.
Reply:How much money are you withrawing??? anyhow they have no business asking you what you need the money for it is your money you put it in there. If you are worried make an anonimous call to the bank.
Reply:If you go inside the bank and talk to a teller, you can take any amount you want out of your checking account as long as the funds show as available. Regardless of the amount, no one at the bank should be asking you what the money is for. Using the ATM will guarantee that nobody asks what the money is for, but ATMs have daily limits and you'd only be able to get somewhere between $200 and $500 depending on your bank's ATMs.

However, if you take out a large amount, the bank will fill out papers concerning this. For example, while it is not required by law, my bank will fill out a paper if you withdrawl more than $3000 in cash. This helps determine if there is any suspicious activity and if the bank needs to fill out the Suspicious Activity Report.

If you withdrawl more than $10,000 in cash (please call ahead of time so the bank will be prepared) the bank will have to fill out a Currency Transaction Report, which is required by law. For this you'll have to let the bank copy your I.D. and give them your occupation. Without either, they'll refuse the withdrawl because these items are required to be filled in on the CTR by law.
Reply:If you are writing a check, you can write it for the amount in your acct. Most ATM's only allow $200 - $300 (depending on your bank). As for asking what you want it for, that is none of their business and they shouldn't even ask (I can't think of a time they asked me why, even when I took a large amount out). Now if you have a lot of money and want cash, you may have to wait a bit for them to get that much cash, I do not know how much money they keep on hand. I know that if you wanted to take your million out in cash you would have to wait for it.
Reply:My banker friend said that anyone who withdraws $10,000 in cash (or more) needs to be reported on a particular form, accompanied by your identification, your social security number, etc. I think she called it a CTR, but I just googled "ctr report bank cash" and found nothing helpful. It's to prevent money laundering. You can look up "suspicious transaction" too, for more info.

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What would cash converters give for these?


hoping someone has an idea of what cash converters would give for battlefield 2 and battlefield 2: special Forces..

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

What would cash converters give for these?
i do not have the foggest ideal what you are talking about!!!!

If i cash in a cd early, how long does it take to get the money?

If I have cd's worth 300,000 in a bank in Knoxville, TN, and decide to cash in early, how long will it take to get my money? Do I have to wait for the actual money to arrive at the bank or will the funds be available once the money is wired? They have been giving me the runaround for 4 mos.

If i cash in a cd early, how long does it take to get the money?
First, look at the "terms and conditions" printed on the CD.

The money, after being "wired" to your bank(institution) should be immediately available to you, depending on your bank's "terms and conditions".

A runaround? Call the TN State Banking Commission.
Reply:When you cash in a cd, you should get the money the same day or no later than the next day. Keep in mind that you will have an early withdrawl penalty for cashing it in early. You should not be getting any "run around" and I am curious why you have been waiting four months. How long was the term on the original cd??

What are some ways to make some extra cash?

I am a college student. I have a part time job but am still struggling to pay bills. What is something that I can do to make some extra cash?

What are some ways to make some extra cash?
if you like to write I just heard about associated content...they pay you like 4-20.00 to publish articles

I donate plasma every so often you can do it 2 x's a week if you are not scare of needles.

type papers for $, I also used to sell food out of my room I would buy a case of Ramen noodles for like 2.50 and sell them for like $.75-$1.00 a pack. if you know how to do hair, charge for notes for those late snoozers who like to miss class
Reply:winning the lottery
Reply:I say check the bulletin boards on campus. There's always babysitting, house-sitting, house cleaning and stuff, but sometimes jobs are posted where a person could actually study and do whatever, too. You might find something like sitting with an elderly person at night. Lots of them don't really need anything but feel better with the knowledge that somebody's there in case something happens.

I don't know whether you've applied for financial aide, but it's usually pretty easy to qualify for. Pell grants are the best and usually the easiest to get. Grants don't have to be repaid, so if you haven't applied, hey, ask about it.

Good luck!!!
Reply:The most guaranteed way to make extra money is by holding an extra job with a commercial building (such as mcdonalds, fry's electronics, and others).

However, there is another way to attack this financially, which is to reduce the bills themselves. You can lower your electic or water bills by conserving. You can lower you phone bill by using the phoneless. There are also financial aid agencies for people who are struggling.

You can also save money by not using a car at all, and entirely going on bike.

Another way to find extra money is through investments, but some investments are very risky such as junk bonds, speculative stocks, etc. Some of the safer investments are bonds available from the treasury, or stocks are steady and pays well in dividends.