Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can you cash your payroll check before the pay date?

I used to do direct deposit for my paycheck. But looking for a new bank. Anywho... I got my paycheck yesterday.. and the pay date is tomorrow.. can I still cash my check today instead of wait until tomorrow?

Can you cash your payroll check before the pay date?
Ask your bank. I would think that as long as the check doesn't get back to the issuing bank before the date on the check it should be ok.
Reply:The check is only good starting on the day that the check is made out for. Post dated checks are considered non-negotiable until the date written on the check. The check is then good and not considered stale-dated for six months, unless the check indicates a different time frame.
Reply:technically you can't you can only cash it when the date is issued. So, really now but some people get away with it.

Just try it if you really need to cash it...it won't hurt you if they do good if they don't cash it tomorrow.
Reply:depends on the date of the check, which you are saying is tomorrow. Don't think any bank would cash it yet, but you might be able to deposit it into a checking account.
Reply:You can cash it if your bank will accept it, or a check cashing store will accept it. However, take into consideration how will your Boss feel about that........

Good Luck
Reply:You can deposit it, but a bank probably wont cash it unless you get a teller who just isn't paying attention.


  1. Circle K will cash your check early for a additional $5 fee

  2. I got a check pay for tommrow what try to see can I cash it today .